AIPT Main Event 88.000.000 €


What would it be like to win over 1.25 billion CZK (€ 50,000,000)?
This is precisely the question asked by not only professional poker players but also enthusiasts who have only heard of the poker phenomenon.
The biggest ever tournament in the Czech Republic will be held to celebrate the 88 th birthday of the giant in the poker world of Mr. Haig Kelegian. Players participating in the tournament will distribute an unbelievable 88,000,000 Euros (almost 2.3 billion Czech crowns)

I DON´T KNOW HOW TO PLAY … You‘re thinking it’s not for you, aren’t you? Poker has recently been on the rise in the Czech Republic and the number of players has been regularly increasing annually.
Let’s take a closer look at your chances of winning the game. It‘s well known that poker isn‘t gambling, but a sport in which more than anything else depends on your ability to correctly assess
your opponent’s combination, your chance to beat it and the risk of misjudging or inaccurate estimate relative to the size of the pot. So it doesn’t rely so much on chance, but more so on your
ability to work-out your opponent’s cards and your chance of winning in combination with cards that
are or will be commonly dealt.

Imagine that you’re able to win a premium of 1.25 billion Czech crowns for beating a top athlete in any other sport. You’re hardly likely overtake the world record holder Usain Bolt in the 100 metres, you probably won‘t be able to beat Wimbledon winner Roger Federer and Egan Bernal will also be faster than you on a bike. But the truth is that in poker, everyone at the start is absolutely equal and your chances are the same as those of professional poker player Phil Ivey.

NI CAN´T AFFORD THAT … The event organisers also prepared a long line of so-called satellite tournaments. These satellite tournaments make it possible to qualify for the main tournament for as
little as 8 Euro.

A player with no poker experience, you can acquire the necessary skills in such a tournament and possibly qualify for the main tournament. Qualifying (satellite) tournaments will take place around the world, both in well-known casinos (such as Bicycle Casino and others) as well as online in co-operating poker rooms. The schedule for satellite tournaments will be available on the casino website during September.


When will this tournament take place? As the organisers of the entire event want to allow the full spectrum of players to qualify for a reduced fee and as it’s the biggest tournament worldwide, qualification is already open. The main tournament will take place on October 8 th , 2020 while the
regular admission will be 50,000 euros. For this prize, in addition to participating in the main tournament, the player will also receive 1 annual admission to the Privat Members Clubu AIPT.

He can‘t enter a casino in Southern California without being known by dozens of players and employees. He‘s stopped by those who only want to greet him, shake hands, ask for advice, or want to hear a piece of his long remarkable life story. He’s not a politician or a poker star, but he’s the most popular and one of the most important characters in California’s live game history. He‘s behind
the successes of casinos such as The Commerce Hotel & Casino, The Bicycle Hotel & Casino, Ocean’s Eleven Casino and Crystal Casino.

source: https://www.cardplayer.com

  • The poker tournament name AIPT Main Event 88.000.000 €
  • Start of tournament 08/10/2020 | 20:00
  • Final table 12/10/2020
  • Type of game Texas Hold'em NL
  • Fee 0 €
  • Buy in 50.000 €
  • Price pool 88.000.000 €


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